How multipage labels support export

In 2019, 43 per cent of UK exports were to the UK’s largest trading partner, the EU. Although our relationship with the EU is actively changing, it is highly likely that we will still have and maintain strong trading partnerships with the EU and other European countries in the years to come, and exporting will continue to […]

How will the new EU fertiliser regulations affect product labelling?

The EU is adopting new rules for placing and selling of fertilising products in the EU market. A new regulation is being introduced that unifies the requirements for fertilisers produced from phosphate minerals and from organic or secondary raw materials in the EU. From 16th July 2022 this regulation will be in place for all fertiliser products […]

How to fit more information on a label

Limited space can present a challenge for the modern-day demands of product labelling. This can be an issue when there is a lot of information to convey such as ingredients, usage instructions, barcodes, QR-codes, contact details, safety advice, aftercare information and more. Legal repercussions By law, many products are required to state certain information on their product […]

Why multi-page labels are ideal for automotive products

The automotive and autospares industry devours vast quantities of consumables such as oil and lubricants, hydraulic, cooling and screen-wash fluids, fuel additives, numerous cleaning and detailing products, and many more. Innovators of multi-page labels, Denny Bros offer the ideal labelling solutions for automotive products and consumables.   Concise, detailed instructions Automotive consumables must have concise, detailed […]

Creating extra space on your packaging

Finding enough space on your packaging to include all of the information that customers need can be challenging. Although it might be tempting to increase the size of the packaging in order to create more space, a better solution is to ensure that you’re using any available space in the most effective way possible. There […]

How to help older people understand pharmaceutical labels

Medication is only safe when it’s taken in the correct way and at the appropriate dosage. Any kind of medicine can have serious side effects if these instructions aren’t followed, no matter how benign the product might seem. Including all of the correct information on your label is absolutely essential when it comes to helping […]