Labels for clinical trials

We have unrivalled expertise in supplying Fix-a-Form™ multi-page labels to the Clinical Trial and Life-science business sectors. We have supplied these markets for more than 30 years and we supply customers around the world including North America from our UK manufacturing site.

We are able to offer a vast range of booklet-labels and our service is completely bespoke to suit each of our customer’s unique requirements. Our very experienced team are able to assist and advise at every stage, from early design and page layout, material selection, through to tailored solutions for unique numbering and patient specific information over-printing if required. We are equally willing to produce small volumes for Phase 1 or larger Phase 3 volumes and, of course, multi-lingual is often the norm.

The underpinning of our Quality system is GMP and PS9001, but with the additional processes and checks needed to ensure the product meets the rigorous demands of this industry. We use the latest technology to validate quality including in-process electronic checks for print presence, glue detection and final inspection by camera system. However, we also believe in the power of the experienced human eye to spot defects and before any products leave our building they will also have been subjected to extensive in-process inspections by our skilled operators

NEW – The Ultrabooklet

Benefits of the extra space include helping to meet new legislative demands and also reduce patient risk by allowing room for dosage instructions rather than an traditional patient information leaflet.

Offering more page space than ever before…

We are delighted to be launching our new high-quality Ultrabooklet range. Aimed at pharmaceutical and clinical trial customers and perfect to wrap around vials, this new booklet offers more content space than ever before – both because we have used a unique binding method to increase page numbers but also because it has a larger potential page area depending on page requirements.

Booklet labels are an elegant and cost-effective way to display extra content on a wide range of products. The familiar booklet format means a large amount of information can be presented in a clear and user-friendly manner. The size of the label can be bespoke to customer requirements so the Ultrabooklet has the ability to offer even more space to the customer.

Patient overcoding

At M.K we provide a service of overprinting variable patient information on booklets and labels. Each overprinted booklet or label is individually inspected to verify that the information has printed correctly.

We can overprint batches from as little as 100 to as much as 200,000 individual patient records. To help you process the booklets upon receipt to your facilities we will clearly mark and segregate active, comparator and placebo batches as per your requirements. We understand trials are very time critical so will pre agree a delivery date prior to accepting the order.

Flag labels for clinical trials

Flag labels by M.K Ltd are an ideal solution for low print runs. Ideally suited to the healthcare sector for patient specific data for use by pharmacies and also for clinical trials. Can be provided in various sizes and shapes, and also left blank for on-demand printing.

Flag labels attach to the product fully and when peeled back protrude like a flag, leaving no tacky residue. To form a flag the label remains secure to the product and the remaining part displays the protruding label as a flag. The flag can be printed both sides to provide extra information space.