How multipage labels support export

In 2019, 43 per cent of UK exports were to the UK’s largest trading partner, the EU. Although our relationship with the EU is actively changing, it is highly likely that we will still have and maintain strong trading partnerships with the EU and other European countries in the years to come, and exporting will continue to make up a large part of this.

Different labelling required

For businesses exporting products into Europe and further afield, the European market presents a challenge. The diversity of language within the EU and continental Europe is considerable and includes: 24 official EU languages and a further 100 or more indigenous, migrant, and regional languages.

For each country in which products or services are sold, different labelling and packaging must be written in the language of the destination country or region. If the product being supplied requires detailed instructions and supporting information, the problem becomes exaggerated.

Multi-page solution

An ideal solution for multi-language labelling is readily available in Denny Bros Fix-a-Form® multi-page label

Fix-a-Form® enables suppliers to display product and usage information in multiple languages on each product, meaning that only one version of their product label needs to be produced for multiple international markets. This approach to product labelling, not only reduces costs, but also results in a more simplified, streamlined inventory operation and makes it easier for companies to react quickly to export opportunities from countries across the globe.

Up to 120 pages available

In total, a Fix-a-Form® label solution can provide up to 120 pages of extra space on a product, allowing suppliers to provide product information in multiple languages without compromising product or packaging design or corporate branding needs and guidelines.

Bespoke design

Denny Bros can tailor products to suit any size, style and shape of packaging, and can also incorporate different materials, surface finishes and other innovative features.

Our approach is to make sure that Denny Bros customers have the right packaging and labelling for their products to ensure their export operations have continued business success.

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