How to help older people understand pharmaceutical labels

Medication is only safe when it’s taken in the correct way and at the appropriate dosage. Any kind of medicine can have serious side effects if these instructions aren’t followed, no matter how benign the product might seem.

Including all of the correct information on your label is absolutely essential when it comes to helping your customers avoid any misuse and keeping them safe.

As we get older our eyesight tends to deteriorate which can make reading very small text extremely hard. Because most pharmaceutical labels are quite small, this can lead to the potential problem of misuse of a medication.

So, what can you do to help avoid this problem when it comes to your products?


A picture speaks a thousand words, and pictograms are a great way to express a warning without using lots of small text.

Whether your medication is unsuitable for use while pregnant, incompatible with alcohol, or should be avoided when driving, pictograms ensure that this information is readily available with just a glance.

That’s not to say that these symbols can be displayed on their own however, as many can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. You should always make sure that you remember to include a line or two of text explaining exactly what each pictogram means – it’s much harder to misunderstand words.

Explore different labelling options

It might be tempting to try and cram as much information onto the label as possible, but this often runs the risk of making the text small and really difficult to read.

There are plenty of different labelling solutions that can help to solve this issue and will give you more room for important details without taking up too much space on your product.

Multi-Page Labels

Multi-page labels are the perfect choice for this as they can include a massive 120 pages of extra information. That gives you plenty of room to include any warnings, advice or side effects that your customer needs to be aware of – plus there’s room for dosage guidance too.

Booklet Labels

Another option to consider is a booklet label instead. These are ideal for any safety information you need to display, or instructions that your customer needs to be aware of. Not only is your information displayed in a clear and user-friendly way, but this is a really cost effective solution too.

If there’s any less essential details that you need your customers to know, then include a booklet in the packet so that the label doesn’t get clogged up with too much text.

Remember that the aim is to make things clearer for your customers, not confuse them with loads of information.

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