How to fit more information on a label

Limited space can present a challenge for the modern-day demands of product labelling. This can be an issue when there is a lot of information to convey such as ingredients, usage instructions, barcodes, QR-codes, contact details, safety advice, aftercare information and more.

Legal repercussions

By law, many products are required to state certain information on their product packaging. For example, food packaging must convey information including the ingredients, weight of the item and the storage conditions. Any company found not portraying this information risks a hefty fine and a ban on product sales. Denny Bros have the perfect solution to ensure you are not at risk of serious legal repercussions, and are able to fit the required information on a label.

A cost-effective solution

While there may be a temptation to increase packaging size to allow more space for labelling information to be accommodated, multi-page labelling can offer a more cost-effective solution that makes more effective use of the available space on product packaging.

Product information remains at hand

Multi-page labelling has the added advantage of often remaining with the product throughout its usable life, rather than being discarded shortly after purchase.

Compatible label footprints with innovative features

Denny Bros Fix-a-Form®multi-page label solution, occupies the same physical footprint as a conventional label, yet can provide up to 120 pages of extra labelling print space. Fix-a-From labels can be tailored to suit the size, shape, and construction of product packaging, and are available with a choice of optional innovative features.
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