Why multi-page labels are ideal for automotive products

The automotive and autospares industry devours vast quantities of consumables such as oil and lubricants, hydraulic, cooling and screen-wash fluids, fuel additives, numerous cleaning and detailing products, and many more.

Innovators of multi-page labels, Denny Bros offer the ideal labelling solutions for automotive products and consumables.


Concise, detailed instructions

Automotive consumables must have concise, detailed information to ensure the user is fully informed about the type and application of the product, and its safe usage. Product labelling should include accurate usage instructions describing how the product is correctly applied and used.

Hazardous contents

A legal requirement EN ISO 11683 defines that product labelling should advise of any hazardous substances or chemical contents. This is done with tactile warning triangles printed on the label – this alerts the partially, or sight impaired that they are handling a hazardous product.

Multi-page options

Automotive consumables are sold across many different regions and countries. Multi-page (up to a maximum of 120 pages!) booklet labels offer the opportunity for multilingual product information and usage instructions to be easily included. Multi-page labelling can enable unified product packaging suitable for multiple sales regions.

Special features

A wealth of custom features such as printing on moisture and tear resistant materials, and the implementation of specific adhesives and surface finishes can be employed. Instructions can also be printed in Braille, and unique identifiers such as Barcodes and QR codes can also be used.

Label options

M.K can provide a wide variety of cost-effective label designs appropriate for automotive consumable packaging including peel & reveal, booklet label and Fix-a-Form.

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