Multi-page label printing services

Fix-A-Form®, the Multi-Page label

Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, is the innovative and versatile combination of a printed and folded leaflet with a self-adhesive label, created with one simple objective – to accommodate extra content for the product user.

A multi-page label occupies the same space as an original single panel label but may contain up to 120 pages of extra information. Supplied in a standard reel format they can be tailored to suit different product needs and applied with standard industry-labelling equipment.

Suitable for a wide variety of purposes and available in custom finishes, shapes and sizes, we provide a consultative design service where labels are created to suit your specific requirements. Use of carefully chosen materials help to keep labels flexible, easy to apply and fit for purpose for the item it is applied to. We work with you to ensure the right product is chosen for your item.

Leaflet label & foldout labels

Simple to open, easy to unfold and providing vast amounts of extra labelling space. Widely used across a broad range of industries. Designs range from simple two-panel leaflet-labels, to more complex designs where the leaflet opens into a broadsheet format, ideal for large tables of information and diagrams.

Booklet labels

Ideal for repeated reference information such as product instructions or safety information always stays with the product. Information can be presented in multilingual format too.

Our compact Uni-Book™ is made without staples, creating more compact finished reels and ideal for frequently consulted texts, particularly within the healthcare and food industries.

Removable leaflets

Allow the user to conveniently detach some or all of the information for ease of reference. Used within a range of market sectors and for a multitude of uses, including pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Concertina labels

Easy-open labels provide the end user with instant access to extra information. Engaging, cost-effective and suitable for virtually any size and shape of product or container. Supports straightforward application using standard labelling equipment.

An example of a concertina leaflet label

Multi-language label printing

Shipping or selling your product in more than one country? No problem, our multi-page labels can hold up to 120 pages, providing plenty of room to display your product information in multiple languages. This means you do not have to order different packaging for each country you supply, helping to simplify inventory and reduce costs.

A versatile and flexible labelling product:

More than just a label

We can incorporate many special features into our labels, including: