Peel and reveal label printing services

Peel and reveal labels are highly versatile. Being both water and chemical resistant, they are ideal for use in difficult environments or with products that create adhesion challenges.

Moisture resistant

Ideal for bathroom products and agrochemical products to make them more resistant to multiple use, spillages and wet weather.


Providing more space for information that can be easily accessed time and time again. This makes them well-suited to repeated-reference information such as product instructions or safety advice.

Tactile warning triangles

Additionally, extras like tactile warning triangles can be added to the labels as required on many products, as well as anti-counterfeit and security features.


Consistent, accurate and validated Braille for leaflets and labels. We can also offer transparent Braille labels that can be applied over existing packages or labels.

Self-adhesive pouch

Can be utilised to encapsulate a leaflet in a moisture resistant pouch – useful in wet/moist storage or use conditions.

100% recyclable peel and reveal labels

Many of our customers continue to drive positive change by placing increasing emphasis on sustainable busines choices. To support these initiatives, we have developed an innovative and fully recyclable peel and reveal label, featuring a liner made from “clean flake” material designed specifically for labelling and recycling PET plastic bottles and containers.

Three-ply synthetic full colour label

This innovative “triple decker” dry peel label is a perfect demonstration of our world-leading technical expertise. So far as we know, no other label producer in the world has been able to manufacture a product like this.

The ground-breaking product has five panels with a virtually indestructible three-ply “mini booklet” and can be printed in full colour throughout.

A bespoke service

M.K pioneered multi-page labelling technology and remains at the forefront of this technology. We have the in-house expertise to tailor exactly the right labelling solution for you, regardless of size, shape, media and application.

ISO accredited, our world class and environmentally accredited printing facilities include digital, flexographic and lithographic printing presses and a range of custom finishing equipment.

More than just a label

We can incorporate many special features into our labels, including: