Special features

Got an unusual requirement? Talk to M.K. We have the in-house expertise and facilities to tailor a printed solution to meet your needs.

Examples of our innovative approach to creative label printing include:

Antibacterial labels

Incorporate a high-quality antimicrobial additive into label coating. Prohibits growth of micro-organisms, providing long-lasting protection.

Anti-counterfeit & security

Combine aesthetic product design with detailed information and tamper-evident protection.

Moisture resistance

Ideal for bathroom products and agrochemical products to make them more resistant to multiple use, spillages and wet weather.

Extreme temperatures

Ideal for clinical trials, blood bags, food labels, chemical storage and more. Labels remain clear and intact through temperatures from -80°C to +121°C.

Variable code printing

Incorporate unique sequential and non-sequential numbering or coding. Accurate and fully auditable with the provision of verification and validated records.


Consistent, accurate and validated Braille for leaflets and labels. We also offer transparent Braille labels to be applied over existing packaging or labels.

Special adhesives and varnishes

Use of special materials for applications in close contact with moisture, fat or chemicals.

Tactile warning triangle

Required by law to alert the visually impaired they are handling a dangerous product, can be incorporated into a laminate format label, or alternatively can be supplied as a sticker.

Removable leaflets and booklet labels

Allow the user to conveniently detach some or all of the information for ease of reference.

More than just a label

We can incorporate many special features into our labels, including: